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Not being the first person to run to the kitchen when sweets are put out


I work in an office where people are always sharing food.  People bring in cakes.  They put out muffins, scones, and croissants, like there ain’t no tomorrow.  It’s hard n a girl who likes to eat.

I’m trying to avoid the kitchen area but it takes much strength.

And when I get an email saying “Goodies in the kitchen!” I’m trying not run the 100 yard dash getting over there.

Sweets, I will resist you!


Me vs. Cake

Being thin is a choice. Maybe it isn't for everyone. Some people seem to be born 
thin. For me to get thin, it will be a choice. It means time after time making 
the choice to say no to cake. And cookies.  And brownies. And ice cream. And 
fudge. I think you get the picture.  :) 

Ode to a Twinkie



Sweetness and the lightest and meltiest of cake

as if your grains were beaten by a million rocks

smooth and silky on my tongue

your cream filling so soft and whipped

my mouth doesn’t know where cake begins and filling ends

a perfect taste

not too sweet


it has been years since I have eaten you

you were too artificial, too indestructible for my organic and healthy tastes

but upon learning that you would exist no more

I had another and expected not to like you much

I was wrong

golden creaminess


My Birthday Party – Young At Heart

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend.  It was a very small gathering.  I had a Hello Kitty  theme.  Yes, I am 49 years old.  Call me forever young and quirky but I like Hello Kitty and that’s what I wanted.

I baked my birthday cake.  It was a recipe from CakeSpy that I found on Serious Eats.  It turned out so well.

It was the best cake I’ve ever baked and I owe it all to the recipe!  Yum.  I think everyone liked it.  I had a few friends at the party.

My husband and I were there, of course.

And my poor Mother who was horrified that I was 49 having a Hello Kitty party!  LOL

We tried to light 49 candles but it took too long and we gave up less than halfway through.  :(

It was a great party, and exactly what I wanted!  :)


Source: cakespy.com via Estela on Pinterest


Cakespy is one of my favorite blogs.  It is whimsical, colorful, artistic and all about sweets and fun things.  If you don’t want to smile, please never visit Cakespy.  :)

German Chocolate Cake

What did you do for Father’s Day?  :)

Calling All Cookie Dough and Cake Batter Lovers!


I don’t know about you, but I love cookie dough and cake batter.  Unfortunately I’ve gotten my son hooked too.  It wasn’t so bad when he used to just lick the bowl.  Now that he’s 21, he makes his own.  Last night I returned home late from a business trip.  I noticed a box of cake mix on the counter.  Maybe he wanted me to bake a cake?  Because it was 1 am I barely looked at it.


The next morning the empty box was on the counter and my big pink mixing bowl was in the sink, dirty.  But no cake?  I looked on the counter and in the oven.  No cake.  I went up to my son’s room and said, “Did you bake a cake?”  He said through his sleep, “In fridge.”  Huh?


Sure enough, there was the “cake.”  What was left of the cake batter was in a plastic container.


Here’s the email I sent to him today:


If you want to make cookie dough or cake batter and not bake it and just store it in fridge, just
don’t put eggs in it. Then it won’t make you sick. It’s the raw eggs that go bad and can give you salmonella and other food poisoning. Raw dough and batter tastes just as good (if not better) without the eggs.  You add eggs to baked goods so they will rise.  If you leave the eggs out of raw dough, all you miss is the sliminess (and the sickness!)


English: Thin pancake batter for English panca...

Image via Wikipedia

To Fold

Picture by Southern Foodways Alliance

Over the weekend I encountered a problem with folding.  I’ve had problems with folding before.  Understanding how to fold laundry is one thing, but folding batter is a whole other thing.

I was following a recipe for Coconut Cake.  It was not my favorite kind of recipe.  Too many bowls were involved.  I like being a one bowl or one dish wonder.  That’s why I adore casseroles.  Back to the cake.  I totally expect to use at least two bowls. One for the liquids and one for the flour mix.  Mixing one into the other is fine with me.  But this recipe had you beating the egg whites first in one bowl.  In bowl two you had the egg yolks.  In bowl three the butter.  And in yet another bowl, bowl 4, you had your flour.  Nevertheless, everything was going along smoothly.  And then came the part where I was to fold the egg whites into the batter.  

The glossary on www.recipetips.com defines folding as follows:

The process of blending a light ingredient, such as beaten egg whites, into a heavier ingredient by lifting from underneath with a spatula or spoon.  In order to fold ingredients properly, the heavier ingredient is placed at the bottom of a bowl and the lighter above. A motion commonly used to fold the ingredients involves starting at one side of the bowl, moving downward and then across the bottom to the opposite side, enabling the ingredients on top to be brought down into and replacing the ingredients on the bottom. The bowl is then rotated a quarter turn and the motion is repeated. It is important not to completely blend the ingredients together. For example, if beaten egg whites are blended too thoroughly, the egg whites will lose their volume.

OK.  That is confusing enough.  I didn’t see this definition until this morning though.  This weekend I was folding, and it’s hard for me because I tend to be heavy handed.  I put the filled cake pans in the oven.  There were big clouds of egg whites through the yellow.  My son came into the kitchen and said “You need to mix that up more.”  I explained to him that I wasn’t allowed to mix, only fold.  He said “Well, that doesn’t look right and it’s gonna mess up the cake.”  I took the cake pans out of the oven and gently stirred a little because I feared he might be right.  Then I returned the cake pans to the oven.  There were still little clouds but I thought what the heck.  If I stir all the egg white puffs away, what’s the point of the fold?

It got me thinking about proper folding.  When do you stop folding?  How mixed up do the two ingredients need to be?  I’d love some comments from experienced (or at last more experienced than me) bakers.  Also, while you are at it, If anyone knows of any beginner baking books, I’d like a recommendation.  Thanks!

By the way, in case you are wondering, the cake came out excellent.  The yellow and white was completely mixed and the cake was light and fluffy!  A folding success, I guess.