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Heart Hat

elsa hat feb 2013 cropped (3) elsa hat feb 2013 hat

I made heart hats for my nieces.  This idea was inspired by these adorable heart socks from Erica at Caught on a Whim.  Check out her fantastic blog at Caught on a Whim.  She’s got so many great things there.

Source: caughtonawhim.blogspot.com via Karyl on Pinterest

I set out to make the socks but couldn’t find any good socks!  So I made hats instead.  I bought simple hats, 1 piece of red felt.  I already had embroidery thread.  I had only planned to sew the hearts on but once I was done, decided to add initials.  They were very easy and fun!  Thanks for the inspiration Erica.  :)

Valentine’s “Mantel”

IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0733

As we don’t have a fireplace, we don’t really have a mantel.  So I created one using our server in the dining room.  Lately I’ve taken a fancy to decorating for the holidays.  I don’t do every one (no Mardi Gras, for example) but I will do most of the biggies.

1. Subway art is my favorite thing.  It’s easy and I keep subway art for each holiday right in the frame and just switch them out.

2. Holiday candy is fun and easy.  I just display in clear jars.

3. Instead of buying things, I just walk around and pull out things that fit the color scheme.

4. Banners; there are lots of free printable banners I make out of paper and ribbon.

Happy holidays!  All of them :)

Nature plus bling = Silver Glittery Pine Cones


Before I put away the Christmas pine cones from last year, I decided to paint and add glitter to a few.  I painted them with silver spray paint.  After they were dry, I glued silver glitter on.  I think they came out pretty good!

Craft Project: Vintage Photo Book

uncle ed

I have a box full of old black and white photographs of family.  They go back in time to my grandmother as a girl (early 1900s) to as recent as me as a baby (1964).  I plan to make a photo book with the best pictures and share names and things I remember about the family members.  I plan to make one book for me and a copy each for my brother and sister for Christmas.

First I chose the pictures I wanted in the book.  The next step is scanning the pictures.  That is not my favorite step but it is highly important.

Next I will upload to Shutterfly, choose a book format, and arrange in a book.

I am excited about the project because it involves craft, history and family.

The Alphabet of Our Love Book

I made a book for my husband for Valentine’s Day.  Luckily he doesn’t read this blog.  :)

I started out with this idea I found on Pinterest.


I decided to make it in a photo book format even though I wasn’t going to use many photos.  I made one on Shutterfly.  If you’d like to see it, please do!


Click here to view this photo book larger

Year of Crafts


I am jumping back into crafting with two (big) feet!  I have always loved crafts and can’t wait to start.

First up, making sparkle pine cones.  Silver ones.

I LOVE CRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!