The Goose

Picture by Sage

For the past month, I have seen a goose on my way to the subway.  It’s usually standing in the same spot.  From day to day it might be further forward.  One time I saw it standing on the concrete sidewalk instead.  Earlier this week when it was raining hard, I didn’t see it, and there have been other days too when it’s gone missing.  But I look for it every day and it makes me feel calm and reassured to see it.  Humans, like geese, are creatures of habit and we are conforted by things that stay the same.  It’s one of the reasons why change is so hard.

This morning I had a real treat.  As I rode up to the spot I began looking for the goose, as I usually do.  The car in front had stopped and my husband was grumbling about what they were doing.  That’s when I saw it.  There were two geese and a gosling that was struggling to get from the street up to the sidewalk.  It couldn’t make it over the curb.  It tried about 6 or 7 times, that I saw, before it made it up.  Of course I was relieved.  Part of me wanted to rush out and pick it up but I knew that the parents wouldn’t have appreciated it.  The gosling was was small enough to fit in my hand.  It was covered with a green moss-like fur that made it look like it was part plant and part bird.

I forgot about the geese and the gosling until I was on the subway.  I was reading something about God’s grace in our lives and how we are reminded of it by different things: a beautiful sunrise, Canadian geese over head.  And I remembered my goose and its family.  And I smiled because I was aware of God’s grace in  my life once again.

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