Jumping Around In The Water With The Old Ladies

Picture by Robert S. Donovan

I do water aerobics.  And I am unapologetic about it.  Some would be embarassed.  I should mention that I’m not 50 yet.  It’s a popular activity with people (mostly women) over 60.  Many wouldn’t be caught dead being seen in one of “those” classes.  But it’s so fun.  I used to love jumping up and down in the pool when I was a kid and it still feels good.  And you can always work out as hard as you want.  Granted, it’s not the most challenging workout in the world but I’m not a most challenging work out kind of girl.  I move for an hour.  The ladies are lots of fun.  There’s good music.  We are in the water!  What’s not to love?

It’s just teling people that I do water areobics.  You can tell that people look down on it or think it’s dorky or too old.  I know it’s not hip or cool.  But approaching 50 I’m not so hip anymore.  So I will comtinue to jump around in the pool and be proud.  I’m approaching old ladyhood and loving it!

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