What To Do With Anger

Picture by Vali

Just this morning on my way into work I was reading about how to be a good Christian.  That we should choose carefully what we read, watch, and who we spend time with.  That we shouldn’t gossip or slander.  It was all fine and good on the train.  And then I got to work.  And someone made me really mad!  Funny how everything I had read flew out the window.  What to do with that red seething anger? 

I think the first thing to do is to take a deep breath, get centered and ask God what to do with it.  God is telling me to look back on that person with compassion.  What were her reasons for her actions?  Can I understand them?  Sympathize?  Next I must forgive her.  I must love her as I love myself.  And I must ask myself, have I ever been that way before?  Did God forgive me?

Now when I look back on the experience I find that I overacted.  She is no different than me.  My anger is gone and I have no need or desire to tell others what happened.  I can let it go.

I hope this helps you today, just in case someone makes you mad.  🙂

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