Picture by Nzgabriel

Each morning when I think about what to blog about or whether to blog at all, I wonder, is this just personal, or would this be interesting to someone else?  What is purely personal?  Is it something that only I care to discuss?  Something my family and friends want to hear only because they are connected to me?  Or is it something that even a stranger might be interested in?

For example, this morning I was thinking about myself and how I tend to reach my balance in life by going from one extreme to another.  I guess it’s the Libra in me.  The scales.  First tip all the way to one side, then tip all the way to the other until I find my balance.  I tend to do this in all things whether it’s exercise, shopping, fashion and beauty, eating, you name it.  It’s easy to get annoyed with oneself.  I’d rather be a more steady person.  But maybe it’s my personality, who I am that makes me this way.  Should I try to fight it?  Can I?  Mostly I need to make peace with who I am and as long as I’m not wreaking havoc, maybe it really is ok.  Afterall, it’s gotten me this far.  Going from extreme to moderate isn’t easy if you are me, but on some days, after I’ve tipped to both sides, I find myself safely in the middle, a moderate.

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