Picture by Lunchbox

Being a visual person, the first thing I notice about lighthouses is how they look.  They are pleasant to look at.  My fondness for lighthouses probably also stems from them being powerful symbols in popular culture.  Others seem to share this affinity as visiting and photographing lighthouses is a popular hobby.     

Of course, there’s always their function and purpose to consider.  Leave it to me to leave that for last!  Lighthouses are keepers of maritime safety.  For me they stand for lots of things: light, security, hope, faith, goodness, helpfulness, strength.  There is just something about a light in the night being there for you.  Like a huge nightlight.  Motel 6 used to have a slogan “We’ll leave the light on for you.”  Like a family member not sleeping until you are home safely.

God is my lighthouse.  He is always there, especially at night and in bad weather.  Helping me get home safely.

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