My Best Friend’s Wedding

Picture by Babasteve

That movie used to be one of my favorites.  Hopelessly in love.  Lots of humor.  Silliness.  But at this point in my life, being happily married, I am turning my attention to others.  I’ve always wanted to be a matchmaker but have never been successful.  I know now that the great matchmaker is God. 

I have a very good friend, let’s call her my best friend, my BFF.  She would like to get married one day.  I want this for her too.  She is a beautiful person inside and out and she deserves a good man to be at her side, to comfort her, take care of her, to be her companion and a father to her son.  Her marriage is not something I can push any more than I could push my own.  Both of us will have to be patient and wait for her to find a husband, if it be God’s will.

I do look forward to her wedding though.  I want to be there as a witness to her commitment before God.  I want to be there from the beginning, a part of the community that vows to support her marriage.  I want to share in her joy.  We are there for our friends during sad times but how wonderful to be there for the good times!  I want to smile at her and know that she has received a gift from God and that she has received the happiness she deserves.

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