Jury Duty

Picture by Paul Lowry

I was called for jury duty yesterday.  It’s always a pretty fascinating experience.  I do like watching the legal system in motion.  I served on a jury about 3 years ago.  It was a short criminal trial.  Prior to that, I had never made it onto a jury and had always wanted to.  I just wanted to have the experience.  Now that I have served, I usually don’t want to get picked anymore.  I am certainly willing to serve, even though it is a hardship.  Yesterday I almost got picked for a civil trial that would have lasted 3-4 days.  Had I served, I would have come home each night and done by day job – not ideal.  I think my having been a plaintiff side attorney in the past saved me this time.  I managed to enjoy the day.  I had a good book.  I spent my lunch break exploring downtown Rockville.  They’ve done a nice job with unique shops and good restaurants.  Even though I wasn’t selected for a jury, I fulfilled my civic duty.  I had a short break from work and have returned somewhat refreshed.  Go legal system!

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