Beef Bourguignon

Picture by Arnold Inuyaki

I made Beef Bourguignon on Sunday and it came out really good. The beef was tender and the sauce was full of the body and flavor of red wine. The beef cooked for 2 hours.  I used a recipe from Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.   More on Mrs. Wilkes later.  That restaurant definitely deserves it’s own post!  While I sat at my desk yesterday eating my Beef Bourguignon (gosh that’s a hard word to spell for a non-french speaker!) I googled it and found a cool video of Julie from the Julia project making Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon. I printed out the recipe and want to try that.  When you find a dish you like, it’s fun to try different recipes and try to improve it and make it your own.  Beef Bourguignon is a good meal to have in your repertoire.  Back to the Julie/Julia Project, it was a pretty cool idea she had to work her way through a cookbook and blog on it. I really enjoyed the movie too.  I’d love to go through an entire cookbook on a disciplined scheduled like that but I doubt I would stick to it.  I have quite a few cookbooks and haven’t tried many of the recipes.  Of course there are lots more cookbooks I want to buy!  I really shouldn’t until I use the ones I have. Anyway, I have rambled, try making Beef Bourguignon.  You won’t regret it.

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