Hair Disaster

Picture by Paul Keller

I don’t know about you, but hair disasters are part of my history.  Just last weekend I had one.  I bought a hood dryer thinking I could save a little money and “do it myself.”  I also bought jumbo magnetic rollers, setting gel, and metal clips to hold the rollers on.  I started the whole process at about 5 pm on Sunday.  First I washed and conditioned my hair.  Then I rolled it up on the jumbo rollers.  It was hard to keep them rolled tight so a few were hanging loosely.  Next I had to get my big head with those jumbo rollers under the dryer cap.  The rollers, and my head, took up so much space that there was hardly any room for the cap to blow up with hot air.  Nevertheless, I sat down in the basement on a chair and proceeded to watch a movie with headphones on (those dryers are loud).  I have many memories, not fond, of sitting under the dryer.  I think I spent about 3/5 of my childhood doing such.  Luckily my basement is like Alaska – freezing cold.  Therefore the hot dryer wasn’t too bad.  Except for the hot air around my face of course.  The things we do in pursuit of beauty and vanity.  I stayed under the dryer for 2 hours.  Once I took off the cap, I could tell that some of my hair was not all the way dry.  So I got out a regular blow dryer and started blow-drying the still rolled hair.  After about 15 minutes of that, I took the rollers out only to find that many of them were still damp.  Translation: if my hair wasn’t dry, it was just going to curl up and frizz out as it always does.  Meaning, my two plus hours were a grand waste of time.  I proceeded to braid and twist it up hoping that would tame it some.  Right before I went to bed I took it out of the braids and brushed it.  At that moment, my husband walked into the bathroom and said, “Hey  Gilda.”  A reference to Gilda Radner.  So you do the math.  Obviously, my hair was a big frizzy mass.  Check out Gild’s hair here.  Actually my hair looks a lot like her hair.  Anyway, I am making an appointment to go to the salon.  Some things are better left to professionals!

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