The Balance of Life

Picture by aeu04117

This morning on NPR they were singing the praises of Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Apparently it is the best at removing grease from animals.  Besides making me want to switch to Dawn as my dish detergent of choice, it reminds me of the overall ebb and flow of life, the great balance in the world.  As BP stocks diminish, I bet Dawn’s success will grow.  Just as the swine flu brought success to hand sanitizers, the way of our world is the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) waves of the ocean.  What comes up must come down.  There is comfort in that, not unlike the comfort I feel when I stand and face the ocean and see and hear its motion.  Seeing the balance in the worlds and in our lives, and striving for that balance is calming.  Not to control, but to recognize that balance is always there.  Not in a moment, or in a day, but over time, and in its own time.

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