Financial Stewardship

Picture by MarcinMoga

What does financial stewardship mean?  To me it means being a responsible administrator of the resources given to me by God.  God has given me so much and He expects me to use those gifts wisely and for my good and the good of others.  That’s a very different way of looking at money.  One of the biggest pulls for so many Americans is consumerism.  We were raised to buy, buy, buy.  We think we need so much and these ideas are not just sprouting from our own heads.  We are brainwashed every other moment with advertisements to buy this or that.  We get to the point where we actually believe that we “need” all these things.  Distinguishing between wants and needs can be difficult but is one of the first steps toward becoming a good steward.  I read recently in an Amish journal that fashion is foolish ornamentation.  Not that I will stay completely away from fashion but it does make sense.  Do I really need 10 purses in different colors?  I want to think about what really matters.  The people I love.  Peace.  Less really is more and I will continue to spend less, be satisfied with less, stop wanting and craving so much, live under my means, and use what God has given me wisely.

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