Cuppie Cakes

Picture by Bossacafez

Picture by Clevercupcakes

Picture by Clevercupcakes

Picture by Clevercupcakes

Picture by Clevercupcakes

Picture by Shimelle

What is it about cupcakes that makes them so darn cute?  I have fond memories of cupcakes.  There is something about peeling away that accordion wrapper.  About the swirl of icing on top.  About a perfect little self-cake.

 Cupcakes are all the rage.  There are cupcake shops sprouting up all over the city devoted solely to the cupcake.   

This is a fabulous cupcake bakery in Montreal.  

There are cupcake blogs.   

There’s even a cupcake truck that drives around selling curbside cupcakes.  

For the July 4th holiday I am going to make these adorable patriotic cupcakes. 

Picture from

You can get the directions on Martha Stewart’s website. 

They are very easy to make.  Especially since I’m using store bought cake mix and frosting.  I am making chocolate cupcakes with red food coloring (think red velvet cake) with white frosting.  You cut the little flags out and stick on toothpicks using double-sided tape.  I’m going to make the flags this weekend.  I’m also bringing potato salad or mac & cheese to the family cookout.

I had a strawberry cream cupcake disaster a couple of weeks ago but that’s another story.  I am still in love with cupcakes.  Long live the cupcake!

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