Juicy Couture

This post is a feature on the store Juicy Couture.  Always wanting to try new things, let’s explore.  I saw a cute pink bag on my favorite fashionista’s desk today and asked her where it was from.  She told me it was Juicy.  I vaguely remember them selling jeans and she confirmed and added that they have cute tracksuits.


And indeed they do, but this store is not for the big girls (and not really for the old girls either).  Their XL is a size 14!  And XL is the largest size.  Not fair!  But I really didn’t need to spend $100 on a tracksuit.  I don’t run THAT much.  Ha ha!

What I usually do when I find myself at a store that does not cater to us big girls, I look at the accessories.  Juicy has cute flip flops and totes, but this is clearly not the store for me.  Great name though!  And great shopping bags.

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  1. Love your blog! I subscribed. Hope u like mine enough to subscribe… and yes… that store is not for big girls… it’s for little people!!!!! All they are good for are accessories. There is a store here in NC called Charlotte Rousse (I think thats how you spell it) Well they have the cutest stuff just not for “us” . Us being anyone over a size 12! All i can do is a cute shoe and pocketbook and leave the store feeling too huge to buy anything more. 🙂

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