Sunday Dinner

Picture by Two Helmets Cooking

Last Sunday I made the following for Sunday dinner:

Roast Beef with Onions and Garlic

Mashed Potatoes


Green Beans

Sliced Tomatoes

Peach Cobbler

It turned out really well!  The beef was tender and pink.  The mashed potatoes were smooth but lumpy enough to make them homemade.  🙂  The gravy was good but from a mix.  I make terrible gravy otherwise.  The last gravy I made my husband had to spread with a knife!  Need I say more?  The green beans were from a local farm and were delish.  Also from the local farm were the tomatoes and peaches.  I cheated with the crust for the peach cobbler (ready made) and I made a tiny cobbler so we wouldn’t eat too much.  On Monday morning I awoke to find the peach cobbler baking dish in the sink.  🙂  Success.

I like to make a big dinner on Sunday.  It’s the one day that I have lots of time and I can really think out a meal and take time to prepare it.  It’s also the day I will make dessert.  Not every Sunday but many.  It also means leftovers for a day or two or yummy lunches.

Last Sunday’s menu came right out of book I just finished.  It’s called The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi Durrow.

What attracted me to the book, besides it’s appealing cover, was that it dealt with a mixed race protagonist, and had a theme about race and class.  It was a little heavier than I wanted at the moment but I enjoyed the writing and the story, although dark.  I especially liked the way the author characterized a young person’s beginning analysis of race.  I remember trying to figure it out and how confusing it was.  I also liked a few of the characters very much.  The black grandmother in the book made the meal I made last Sunday.  It sounded so good I made it myself!  I recommend the book and the dinner!

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