Picture by Horia Varian

Do you ever get sad?  I guess if you are normal you probably do. It’s hard being sad when you are as happy-go-lucky as me.  It seems to hurt more and people notice. When I get sad it feels chemical or hormonal. Like right now. Yesterday I was cranky. Today it’s turned into sad. And I have no real reason why. I bought myself a lemonade and am sitting in the shade at a cafe. It’s beautiful and sunny out. And yet I feel sad. I’m going to spend some time playing the thankful game and praising God and I will let you know how it goes. I am thankful for my husband, son, mother, life, job and of course my lemonade and the sun and my sense of humor. All praise to you Lord. Hold me tight in my sadness and give me faith that this feeling will pass in time and that there is a reason for it. If only to feel really really happy tomorrow. And to all of you who suffer from serious depression may God bless you.

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