Being a Baby Christian

Picture by Grey Blue Skies

In some ways I’ve been a Christian my whole life, and in others just a few years.  I accepted Jesus many times throughout my life but the first few times, it didn’t really “take.”  I strayed away.  I pray now that I am home for good.  Each day I grow in my faith and I look back to the confused, troubled person I was.  I am grateful that God has never forsaken me although I’ve turned my back on Him.

What are the top 10 things about being a new Christian?

  1. You sometimes lack confidence in your faith, especially to outsiders
  2. You are on fire for the Lord!
  3. You go to church religiously
  4. You try hard to pray
  5. You try hard to do everything
  6. You still have regrets about your old way of life
  7. You no longer associate with some people from your past
  8. You have peace in your soul
  9. You are grateful about where you are
  10. You love God!

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