life is precious

How much do people value life these days?  Between the overvaluation of possessions and wealth, and the fervor of political ideas, it seems that life has taken a back seat.

We are strong and yet so fragile.  Life continues despite war, famine, poverty, and natural disaster.  A beating heart and breathing lungs.  Think of all the people you know.  Think of all the millions of people, different kinds of people, the shapes, sizes, languages, colors, and religions. 

Yesterday there was a bomb scare in my work neighborhood.  We were asked to stay inside the building while the police investigated.  Living in a large city, especially the nation’s capital, this kind if thing has become way too ordinary.

Thankfully, it amounted to nothing.  As I walked to the drug store following the event, I saw all the hundreds of people walking around.  I thought about groups that want to take many lives to make a point.  I have no doubt that what they are feeling and want to chnge is important and meaningful.  But I just can’t justify the taking of a life. 

Why can’t we all see how precious life is?  Every – single – human – life.

Picture by Tiarescott

Picture by Dr Jimiglide

Picture by Japp Steinvoorte

Picture by Story Mary

Picture by Aturkus

Picture by Champagne Mo

Picture by Hirohama

Picture by Jaci Berkopec

Picture by N Marshall42

Picture by Nono Fara

Picture by Rayced

Picture by Sukanto Debnath

Picture by Sukanto Debnath

Picture by Dizznbonn

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