Baking for Beginners

Picture by Kevin Dooley

Why do I love baking so much?  Cooking is great, but there is just something about baking.  Something about putting something raw and gooey into the oven that comes out fluffy and big and done! 

I’m not so interested in the chemistry of baking but I suspect that to be a really good baker you need to understand it.  I had a friend once that was a great baker.  She understood how much dry to liquid to use intuitively and could make cakes without measuring anything.  That would be helpful.  I just bought two beginner baking books:

(1) Basic Baking: Everything You Need to Know to Start Baking plus 101 Luscious Dessert Recipes that Anyone Can Make”
Lora Brody

(2) “Basic Baking: All You Need to Bake Well Simply (Basic Series)”
Sebastian Dickhaut

I got them really cheap used from Amazon.  Honestly, they were about $1 each.  Of course they’ll probably have dried egg all over them!  Hope not.

I plan to read them cover to cover like a novel so I can truly learn some basics about baking.  Then I am going to set out to make the perfect cake.  I think everyone needs a signature cake.  I have a couple of signature dishes: potato salad and mac and cheese.  They both happen to be side dishes.  I can make good brownies and cookies but I’ve never been great at cakes.  The last frontier for me will be decorating a cake.  But I’d settle for a cake that has a really good taste and texture and is attractive.  I don’t really see me as the perfectly decorated cake kind of person.  We’ll see.

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