Mothering a Teen

Picture by Her Wings

Where do I begin?  How about at the beginning?  When you have a baby you barely think about having a teenager.  My teenager is almost out of teenagehood.  He will be 20 in January.  It’s all about letting go.  You start letting go almost as the minute they are born.  The first big letting go is day care.  You actually leave them in someone else’s care.  Letting go of your child into adult hood is like releasing them to their own care.  

With a 19 year old you don’t have to watch them all day.  It helps that you are in the house with them.  They need access to you when they need you.  It’s a gentle guidance.  You can be tough but not in a nagging way.  They won’t listen to that.  You picture yourself that age – a know it all.  You think your parents are dumb or at least just don’t get it.  It’s true to a certain extent.  I don’t get his world.  20 year olds are a different breed from me.  Things were not the same as they are now when I was 20.

I listen to him and try to guide him.  I try not to roll my eyes when he says something that I think is foolish.  I try to remind myself that I was like that once.  I felt invincible.

Mostly I pray like crazy for him.  I hope that all I have tried to teach him all these years will somehow stay with him and blossom.  I hope he can take care of himself.  I hope he will make wise decisions.  I have to remember that God is watching over him.  He can make mistakes and still survive.  He is like a baby who is left accidentally on top of a car and falls without a scratch.  God protects babies and fools.  Protect my child dear Lord!

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