Eating Humble Pie

Picture by Leonski

It’s funny how making a mistake leads you right back to a humble place. I’m not a haughty person but even I can get a bit smug at times – a bit too pleased with myself.  It’s hard to be smug when you err.  To err is human but to forgive is divine.  Maybe God allows us to mistakes to remember that we are sinners and that only through his grace and forgiveness do we overcome our sins.

When I make a mistake, the first place my mind goes is how I can prevent the same mistake next time.  That’s my analytical side.  But maybe not.  Maybe there is something spiritual about trying not to fall again.  I think God’s likes for us to try not to fall.  But we shouldn’t stop there.  We shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that it’s all about us.  I will fail again and again.  It is only God that can save me from myself.

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