Double-Chocolate Cake (via A Teenage Gourmet)

This is a great cake and it’s dairy free if you use dark chocolate with no milk!

Double-Chocolate Cake One might assume that I learned my baking lesson after this case, unfortunately not. I'll abbreviate the scenario for you: do not skimp on sugar and fat in an already-lightened recipe. Furthermore, do not use whole wheat flour, even "white" whole wheat flour. You will regret it. Enter Martha Stewart's December 2007 Double-Chocolate Cake, lightened version. After deciding that I was a cake goddess and could make all things sweet happen, I broke ba … Read More

via A Teenage Gourmet

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    • Are you kidding me? I liked your blog so much that I wanted to share it with my tiny group of followers. By the way, this is my second time to your blog. I enjoy it! I’m really getting into baking these days. I am going to bake the double choc cake tonight. If someone reblogs you, are you informed? I guess so… 🙂

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