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I am pretty new to blogging.  I’ve had this blog since May.  I actually started the blog with the intention of publicizing a book I had written but I didn’t really want to confine myself to one topic.  I, like most people, am an eclectic, multi-faceted person.  There are many things that make me tick.  What I most enjoy writing about are my family and friends, cooking and baking, my faith, and fun, colorful things.  I also like posting pictures, but not my own.  That’s why I use Flickr and give credit to the photographer.

I read other people’s blogs a lot more since I’ve started mine.  They are loads of fun to read.  They are all so unique just like the authors.  Just like there are many kinds of friends (next door friend, old friend, school age friend, work friend), so are there many types of blogs.  Professional, cooking, personal, private, etc.  Mine is public and yet I don’t share things that are too personal.  Well, that’s not true.  Of course everything I write is personal.  My faith is very personal and quite intimate.  I’m still figuring out why I’m doing this and what my goal is.  I’ve made a commitment to myself to blog for 1 year.  I think I will figure out some things about why I’m doing this and probably a few things about myself.  I guess that’s the biggest part of it.  Self-discovery.  In the process of sharing bits of yourself to the world, you are on the road to better figuring out who you are.  I know who I am but it’s always fun to learn new things about me.  What really makes me tick.

One more thing, and this is a secret, so don’t tell anyone.  I secretly want a million people to read my blog.  To like it and to like me. To find me interesting and worthwhile.  That is silly but I know I am not the only one who seeks just a moment of pure fame.  🙂

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