Bookshop in Much Wenlock, UK

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Why has it been so hard to finish the pie book I started?  I have written and illustrated a children’s book about pies.  It’s pretty cute but I just won’t finish it.  Why?  Because I am self-conscious about my drawings.  I decided that I wanted to illustrate it myself.  If I was the only one seeing it, I’d be happy enough with the drawings.  I am no professional artist but I enjoy drawing.  It’s scary to think others would see it and critique me.  I can hear people thinking:  “What makes her think she can publish this book?  She can’t draw.  I could do that.”  Well to them, I say – do it!  Maybe I will free others to create books with their own crappy drawings.  Now I feel bad.  I’ve hurt my own feelings.  Honestly, how old will I have to be before I just don’t care what people think?  Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world (and in a mind) that didn’t care?  Where pure creation was enough?

I think  I’m going to go home and finish my book.  This pep talk/therapy session has helped.

Soon on book store shelves:  Pies, Pies, Pies!

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