Slap Chop and the Power of Advertising

The Slap Chop!

Image by vxla via Flickr

Have you ever seen those slap chop commercials?  It’s your typical infomercial and slap chop is a gadget that chops things.  When I used to watch law & order every night, those commercials would haunt me.  Some times they’d come on 2 or 3 times while I was watching tv.  It was irritating to see them over ad over again.  It seemed so stupid.  Why not just use a knife?  I don’t need that!  It’s so silly!  Plus the commercials were a bit sensational and comical to begin with.

Well I‘m here to tell you that if you watch those things long enough, you will want one.  After about 6 months or so, that commercial came on, I watched it and I felt differently.  All of sudden, out loud I said “I want a slapchop.”  If that’s not brainwashing!  I knew it was brainwashing but I seriously in my heart wanted one.  I didn’t buy one but I could see first hand how powerful an influence advertising is.  I understand why companies spend so much money.  You can create a need!  Or at least a desire.

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