Baking Perserverance

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I have wanted to make cinnamon rolls for the longest. I had a Paula Deen recipe I wanted to try. On Saturday morning I decided to grab the recipe and run over to the grocery store for needed ingredients. I couldn’t find recipe but I did find half a dozen substitutes. I took that and off I went.

I got home, turned on the oven, and began. It was one problem after another. First issue was that recipe called for mixer with pastry hook. Oops. Don’t have one. Decided to mix and knead by hand. Next I mixed dry yeast with sugar and warm water. It was supposed to let it sit for 10 minutes. Set timer. However, timer is on stove and stove beeps when preheating is done. Thought beep meant that 10 minutes was up. Started adding other things. Timer goes off and I realized what happened. Kept going anyway. Next I decided I could use regular mixer but I think I mixed it too much. Batter was looking like slick batter not dough. Forgot to sift flour before I added it.  By the time I was to let the dough sit and rise for 2 hours, I felt pretty hopeless about it. Besides, I was missing page two of recipe. After about 30 minutes of no rising, I decided to throw it out. Down the drain it went. I felt like crying. I felt like such a failure. Why do these things happen to me?

But I dusted myself off, got up off the floor from my wallowing.  Reminded myself that it was a complicated recipe. I’m really a beginner.   I wanted a sweet breakfast thing so I started all over again and made a pecan coffee cake. It turned out great! Very tasty. I will not give up. I will keep trying. Keep learning.

Signed, committed to baking (in tears half the time but that’s ok). What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger!

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