Christian Rock Bonding

Amy Grant

Image by _eurotrash via Flickr

I went to DC Fest this past weekend with my good friend. DC Fest is a Christian rock concert festival. I believe this is the first DC Fest. We really went to see Amy Grant but were a bit confused about the set up. It started at 3 pm at George Mason’s Patriot Center. About 7 different bands played and Amy was 6 of 7. My friend picked me up at 12:30 pm and we had lunch at an Italian restaurant in Fairfax. At about 2:40 pm friend was worried about being late. We were in our seats by 3 pm. After listening to 2 bands (with 30 minute set ups in between) we heard from a woman near us that this thing went on until 10 pm. At 5:30 pm, after two hours, we realized that Amy probably wouldn’t play until 7 or 8 pm. I called my husband and told him what we’d learned. I asked him “Who’s not very bright?” to which he responded “You and your friend.”  🙂

I really enjoyed the concert. The bands were increasingly good. I learned of a new singer I like: Francesca Battistelli. She has a very soulful voice. I also enjoyed all the ministry throughout the evening.


  • Baby Baby by Amy Grant
  • Dancing and praising God
  • A song about helping a friend through a rough stretch and Amy telling us to turn to the person we came with and telling them that you love them
  • Being with tons of nice, polite, kind and smiling Christians
  • Hanging out with friend

Good day!

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