When store-bought tastes better than home-made

Pillsbury Company

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I have tried to work on my baking.  Unfortunately there are many mishaps and screw-ups.  I just had a Duncan Hines brownie I made last night.  It was absolutely delicious.  Granted, I can make a really good brownie from scratch but Duncan Hines is so easy!

That brings me back to pie crust.  It’s always about the pie crust.  I swear, I have a complex about it.  It seems very womanly in a small town church event kind of way to be able to bake a great pie.  From scratch.  Including the crust.  My pie crust has always been bad and I’ve been prone to giving up.  I tried one last weekend and failed.  Part of me wants to give up.  And the Pillsbury boxed crust that you unroll is pretty darn good.  I really need inner strength to keep trying.  I could easily say, well I will make pound cakes, and cakes, and cookies from scratch.  With those you can taste the difference, and home-made is way better.  But with pie crust, in my case, store-bought is definitely better. 

What to do?  I will keep trying.  Maybe I will keep some store-bought on hand, just in case.  While I’m learning.  🙂

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  1. maybe you could just make the kind of pies with cookie or graham cracker crusts like French silk or cheesecake pies.

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