What’s Up, Sugar?

Picture by Oskay Photostream

My sister asked me yesterday whether I am eating sugar again.  The answer is yes!  Oh, my lifelong struggle with sugar…

First of all, I love it.  Always have.  But do we really love our addictions?  It certainly tastes good.  And it’s so fun and colorful.  From candy to baked goods to sugar cubes to plain old teaspoonfuls of sugar, it’s so darn good.

Except that it’s not.  It’s not good for your health, your weight, your skin, your teeth, and probably lots of other parts of you.  But that’s where moderation comes in.  Can you hold your addictions in moderation?  There’s the rub.

When I was in college I read a book called Sugar Blues that pretty much villainized sugar, tying it to the slave trade and making it quite sinister.  That book was my Bible for a while.  Although many of the connections the author made were valid, it was a bit too conspiracy–theory for me.

At this point in my life I am trying to do the French Women Don’t Get Fat thing and eat less and in moderation.  With my current dairy issues, I can’t have chocolate unless it’s REALLY dark with absolutely no milk in it.  That leaves out my cherished M&Ms.  I used to think that it’s not a party without M&Ms. And even though I can’t eat them, I often buy them for parties anyway.

Brownies are still in, with special thanks to Duncan Hines with their no-milk mix. 

Basically, I have a love-hate relationship with sugar (similar to my relationship with Martha Stewart.) 

Happy Friday!  Just wanted to ramble a little about sugar.  By the way, I have a candy dish in my office.  Nice to feed other people’s addictions too.  Have a great day and weekend.

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