What is blogging?


Image by Barnaby via Flickr

Blogging is like writing a letter to a friend except you don’t know the person you are writing to. In fact, you don’t know if anyone will ever read it.

Blogging is like writing in a journal that gets published across the world.

Blogging is like sitting on the curb talking into space while people walk by ignoring you – yes much like a crazy person.

Blogging is strange.

Blogging is at once super personal and immensely public.

Blogging is kind of dumb.

I wonder how long the phenomenon will last. Both in the world and for me. We all have our goals. For me, I just wanted to try it and have committed to continuing for 1 year. Through blogging I have discovered a few favorite blogs, have experienced a little fun, some connection, practiced writing, and have found some great recipes. And I have shared a lot that may have fallen through the big cyber hole. But that’s ok.

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