Cutco Knives

that's right Cutco, do your job

Image by karen.j.ybanez via Flickr

My son is a CUTCO knives salesman.  So of course, my husband and I were his first customers.  He learned the sales pitch.  He delivered the sales pitch to us.  Long story short, we are now the owners of a great set of knives to the tune of $700.  At least there was a payment plan.  But hey, you’ve got to support your kids, right?  To support my son and his schools I’ve bought and sold brownies, pizzas, wrapping paper, cards, microwave covers, cookies, fudge.  You name it.

 What’s really funny is that before he sat down with us, I had a ball park figure in mind that I was willing to spend.  It was about $200.  I thought that’s reasonable to support him and I’ll get something I need out of the deal.  Well, the book appeared on the table and the first set was about $1000.  My husband and I looked at each other and we said “Is there anything a little cheaper?”  The next set down was $700.  We kept asking and the sets got smaller and smaller until we were at the $200 set which had about 1-2 knives in it.  We’d gotten a little hooked, didn’t want to be cheapskates, and obviously wanted to support our son.  So we signed on the dotted line and got the $700 set.

 There are some who believe that this is somewhat scam-like.  That this company gets these kids to sell to family and friends and that this somehow takes advantage of the situation.  But I disagree.  It was a worthwhile 3 day training that taught him about the product but also about sales, selling a product, how to speak clearly, make eye contact etc.  It can only help him in whatever he decides to do.,  And of course I’ve got my great knives.    

Seriously, you should have seen my old knives.  I have to say that I love my new knives.  They are super sharp and sturdy and make cooking and eating more pleasurable.  And I cannot look at them without thinking of my precious son.

 Want to buy some knives?  🙂

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    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it. This was my first blog which is about lots of things: parenting, baking, faith, etc. I also have a blog called I Love This Husband & Wife Stuff which is about marriage. I post to the latter about 5 times per week. I post to Butterflies only occasionally. But I am very partial to it because it was my first. I will check out your blog. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment!

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