Clean Eats

I’ve heard a lot lately about clean eating.  I’m not sure how old  the term is but I like it.  Clean foods are natural, whole grain, unprocessed or less processed, and free of added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals and other things that are artificial.  This means eating brown! Brown rice, brown pasta, brown bread.  Of course, the color is not the important part but that the food is whole grain.  In addition, it’s important to not eat too much of one grain.  Take advantage of all the variety out there.  As your mother always said, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Eat mostly lean meats, chicken and fish.  And avoid all the processed and fatty meats that I love like bologna, salami and my fave kielbasa! Read labels and try not to eat things you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize.  There are some clean foods that in my opinion are close to perfect – bananas and nuts.  If you think about it, God made man and food.  When we get into the business of making food, things don’t go so well.  Don’t get me wrong – they taste good, but they are not good for us.  God made cacao beans. We take them and come up with brownies: white flour, white sugar, and processed chocolate.  I’m not saying brownies are evil – but they can be if you eat too many!  Eat clean all the time if you can.  But if you are human, like me, you can have some bad stuff in moderation.  Remember: moderation does not mean a candy bar at every meal.   

For those of you who are new to healthy eating, I recommend two things:
  1. the magazine Eating Well that has a good website
  2. a blog called The Grass Skirt

Happy clean eating to you!

Luffa / loofah, opo squash and fuzzy melon at ...

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  1. I actually find that I FEEL better when I eat “clean.” I’ve gotten pretty sick when I’ve had an entire day of eating processed food!

    Not sure if that means anything for the average person, but for me it tells me that the majority of my food should be “clean!” 🙂

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