LOL vs. Ha Ha


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When we want to laugh in writing we have a few choices.  There’s LOL.  This seems the most hip, standard up-to-date.    There’s Haha.  A bit old-fashioned but definitely classic and I think the most sincere.  And then there’s Hehe.  This is a little country and gives the feel of truly being tickled by something.  There are probably lots of others.  Chuckles.  Snickering.  Laughed until I cried.  It’s very hard to show genuine laughter in writing.  Real 3D laughter is so full.  It’s got sound.  It’s got physical manifestation.  Laughter is not as fun when it is flat.  I go back and forth using these things trying to laugh in writing.  But I’m never really satisfied.

How do you laugh in writing?


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