Black Sesame Seeds

English: Kaley tillHere is the first story in the incredible, edible adventures of a foodie and someone who likes to eat.  I am the foodie and my husband is someone who likes to eat.  I plan to tell stories about our food adventures.  I usually inspire the food adventures, but my husband goes along for the eating ride!  You will get to hear the story from both our perspectives.  🙂 

THE FOODIE: Last weekend my husband and I attended a Washington Wizards’ game.  Afterwards, we decided to have a late lunch at the District Chophouse & Brewery.  I had wanted to try it for some time and thought that my husband, the meatosaurus, would particularly enjoy it.  I was right.  He got a steak and mashed potatoes so you know he was happy.  I got the trout and sautéed spinach.  Yum.  We had started out with lightly fried calamari encrusted with something that looked like black sesame seeds.  Having never seen black sesame seeds I thought it might be black pepper.  But they really looked like sesame seeds.   I asked the waiter and he said he thought  they were black sesame seeds but wasn’t sure.  I asked him if he would mind asking the chef so I would know.  I sure felt like a pain in the backside foodie, and he sure looked at me that way.  But he asked and came back and confirmed that they were indeed black sesame seeds. 

They are very beautiful, especially against a cream-colored food.  Apparently sesame seeds come in a variety of colors, from cream-white to charcoal-black. The lighter varieties are more valued in the West and Middle East, while the pale and black varieties are treasured in the Far East. 

SOMEONE WHO LIKES TO EAT: It was pretty good.

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