Obama Cookies for Valentine’s Bake Sale

A few weeks ago my church had a Valentine’s bake sale.  I started not to volunteer because I was short on time.  It was Superbowl weekend and I was making lots of yummy snacks.  But I really like baking and who can resist a Valentine’s sale.  I thought about some pretty heart-shaped cookies with pink or red sprinkles but thought that was too much trouble.  You know, rolling out the dough and cookie cutters…  Instead, I opted for a cookie I could make in my sleep: chocolate chip cookies.  You can’t go wrong with them.  They are easy-schmeasy.  Plus, everyone likes them.

The problem was that they are not very pink or Valentine-ish.  I thought about trying to make them heart-shaped.  I also thought about adding red or pink sprinkles, but I decided that would detract from the taste. So I went ahead with regular chocolate chip cookies.

I keep cookie staples on hand.  You never know when you want to bake cookies, need to bake cookies, or need a cookie fix.  I probably shouldn’t with mu sugar addiction but that’s for another post.  I had everything I needed for three or four dozen except I was running low on semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Luckily I had a bunch of white chocolate chips.  I decided to use 1/2 of each.  I also added extra vanilla.  I knew these cookies would have an extra sweet taste with the white chocolate and extra vanilla.  But hey, you can’t be too sweet for Valentine’s day, right?

To make he cookies Valentine’s Day cute, it was going to be all about the packaging.  I had some little clear plastic bags from Michael’s.  I also had some pretty pink ribbon.  I bought some conversation hearts stickers.  Voila, I was ready.

I put 3 cookies in each bag, tied it with a silver twistie tie, then covered that with the pink ribbon ties.  I added a sticker and I was good to go.

The mixed chocolate chips reminded me of mixed race so I ended up calling the cookies Obamas.  The cookies were a hit in our house.  I gave a few to my husband and son.  I had to hide the ones for the bake sale!

A day or two later my son asked me “Are there any more Obamas left?”  There weren’t.  Guess I’ll have to make some more.

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