Calling All Cookie Dough and Cake Batter Lovers!


I don’t know about you, but I love cookie dough and cake batter.  Unfortunately I’ve gotten my son hooked too.  It wasn’t so bad when he used to just lick the bowl.  Now that he’s 21, he makes his own.  Last night I returned home late from a business trip.  I noticed a box of cake mix on the counter.  Maybe he wanted me to bake a cake?  Because it was 1 am I barely looked at it.


The next morning the empty box was on the counter and my big pink mixing bowl was in the sink, dirty.  But no cake?  I looked on the counter and in the oven.  No cake.  I went up to my son’s room and said, “Did you bake a cake?”  He said through his sleep, “In fridge.”  Huh?


Sure enough, there was the “cake.”  What was left of the cake batter was in a plastic container.


Here’s the email I sent to him today:


If you want to make cookie dough or cake batter and not bake it and just store it in fridge, just
don’t put eggs in it. Then it won’t make you sick. It’s the raw eggs that go bad and can give you salmonella and other food poisoning. Raw dough and batter tastes just as good (if not better) without the eggs.  You add eggs to baked goods so they will rise.  If you leave the eggs out of raw dough, all you miss is the sliminess (and the sickness!)


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