Taking One Day At a Time

People say this all the time but today I had an epiphany. All I need to focus on is getting through this one day ahead of me. After all, nothing more is promised. Doing a good job today includes doing all the things I need to do today to help me with tomorrow. For example, if Goodwill is coming tomorrow, I need to gather the things today for the pick up. I don’t need to worry about whether Goodwill will come, or the things getting rained on, or anything else about tomorrow. Just today. Gather the things and leave the rest to God. Just get through today.  Tomorrow is not promised!

So I will work at getting through today.  If tomorrow comes, I will work at getting through that day.  And so on.  One day at a time.

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: Axiraa)

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  1. I read this quote the other day:

    “When the way seems dark before me, give me grace to walk trustingly;
    When much is obscure to me, let me be all the more faithful to the little that I can clearly see;
    When the distant scene is clouded, let me rejoice that at least the next step is plain…”

    It seems to fit with what you’re saying.

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