Muddy’s Bake Shop

I was in Memphis a few weeks ago and went to Muddy’s Bake Shop with a friend.  I had read about it in Southern Living Magazine and knew it was a “must visit.”  It was an adventure to get there. I thought it would be downtown or in some funky neighborhood. I didn’t expect it to be in a strip mall.  It was a nice strip mall but still.  It just goes to show you that fun places are everywhere.  Keep your eyes open!

I loved it!  It was a cute little place with a great spirit and very sweet staff.  They were kind and engaging and clearly happy in their jobs.  I would LOVE to work at a bakery.  It was light and airy with cute gifts like adorable handmade retro aprons, cool t-shirts and kitchen towels, and other sweet little things.  There was a big portrait of Muddy who was the owner’s Mom or Grandmother.  And then of course, the cupcakes!  It took me so long to decide what to have.  Honestly, about 10 minutes. They had other yummy things too like pudding. pimento cheese spread, lemon bars – you get the picture. I decided on an old-fashioned cupcake which was a chocolate cupcake covered with a marshmallow like white frosting and a cherry.  So yummy.  That icing!  I also had one chocolate chip cookie.  Couldn’t resist.  Then they were giving samples of two cakes.  Turned out they were developing a recipe.  They wanted to know which was better, cherry cake with cherry icing or yellow cake with cherry icing.  I liked the yellow cake with cherry icing. Yes, I tried them both.  I couldn’t let them down! Here are a few pics.  So fun and yummy.

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