Feisty Red Hair

Treats don’t get much better than chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.  As a kid, I was so spoiled by my mom’s cookies that I wouldn’t even touch a store-bought one if it was offered to me!  I never liked the crunchiness of cookies from a bag; my preference has always been soft and chewy.

This is a relatively new recipe that I just tried a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve made about three batches, tossing the extras into the freezer for a quick snack whenever the craving hits.  Even my husband, who usually doesn’t eat dessert, said he likes having these on hand all the time!

I think the secret is underbaking, which I’m always scared to do.  I take them out, look at them, and always think, “Oh, they need longer.”  But then they end up too crunchy!  With this, I’m strict about taking them…

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