Back in the Day Bakery

I came across this great baker and bakery in Savannah, Georgia.  I’ve never been there, just read about it, but can’t wait to go!  Here’s a cute video of the owners, Cheryl and her husband Griff talking about their new book.

I had also read about Cheryl in Where Women Cook.  Last, I just saw a cute episode of Paula Deen where Cheryl visits.  You can check out her cute blog here.

What I love about them is that they are trying to bring back baking from scratch.  I love baking from scratch but have to admit that sometimes the idea makes me tired.  I know that baking brownies from scratch is not that many more steps than a box mix. It means I have to get out my flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking soda/powder.  But hey, is that so hard?  I think the bigger question is simplifying our lives and slowing down so we don’t feel so pressed for time.  The bakery is called “back in the day” perhaps like a time when people had more time to sit on the porch, talk and bake from scratch.  I’m all for that slow living idea.  I hereby vow to slow down and bake more from scratch.  🙂


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