Who I look like

I just read an interesting blog post called Assemble All Those I Resemble that I thought was interesting.  In the post, the writer shows pictures of all the women she has been told she resembles. Although she doesn’t look just like any of the people you can see a resemblance to each one.  Here are the people I’ve been told I look like:

Debbie Sledge.  I was told that I could be another Sledge sister when I was in junior high.

Next was Jayne Kennedy in high school.  I used to wear my hair straightened and looked a little like her but not much.

In college, a friend said I looked liked Darryl Hannah.  I never quite understood that but I do have some Nordic blood if you can see past the blonde  hair and blue eyes.

And then there was Cree Summer.  We have the same hair and I used to dress a lot like her character on A Different World.  

Lots of people have told me I look like Lani Guinier.

My co-worker thinks I look like Carla Hall from Top Chef.

I always thought I looked like Cathy Tyson.  Or maybe I just want to look like her.  🙂

And last, there is Tracee Ellis Ross.  My son thinks we look alike. 

So, I guess I look like all of these people and none of  these people. Truly, I look like this.

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  1. Ha! Thanks for linking to my post and I love your Doppelgangers! Just like me, I can see resemblances but not full on twins. Good times. You have some good ones, and I would kill for some tightly spiraled hair!

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