Organizing the kitchen

Last weekend I worked on the kitchen.  First I started with the ugly coffee cans we usually keep on the counter.  My husband drinks regular coffee and I drink decaf.  I made canisters out of old coffee containers.  I took off the covers and added labels.  Now we have a little coffee station.

A big problem area that had bugged me for a long time was under the kitchen sink.  Bottles of this and that were every where, some knocked down.  It was total chaos and difficult to reach anything.  I’ve read organizing blogs for months now so I gathered some good ideas.  Containers, containers, containers!

Now the fun part: labeling.  Labeling is the face of organizing!  🙂

And here’s one last picture of my organizing handiwork:

I don’t live to organize, I organize to live.  But I have to say that this is new to me and I’m inspired/obsessed.  I hope it lasts.  It’s like being obsessed with cleaning.  Yahoo!  I mean you have to do it so you may as well like it! See you next time.  Happy organizing!

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