Organizing the Linen Closet

I recently organized the linen closet.   Here are a few pictures:


1. Organizing is good for the family.  Even if I lived alone, I wouldn’t always remember where I put every little thing.  With a family, labels really help everyone find what they need.

2. I really want to start doing before and after pictures.  I promise to for my next project.  Let’s see; what will it be? :)

3. I am having so much fun with labels.  I got these free from the internet and printed on sticker paper.  Very easy.

4. From now on, I’m buying all white towels. They match and you can bleach them.

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  1. So…any tips on keeping things organized when the three other people who live in the house like to toss things all willy-nilly in the general area where things belong?? ;) Your closet looks great, and I’m jealous!!!

    • That is a problem, one that I am sure I will deal with with my crew. I think it just means that you have to keep re-organizing. I am finding it is never ending. I organized the laundry area and it is becoming a mess again and I will need to reorganize! But at least the underlying system is there. Good Luck! :)

  2. I have tried countless times to organize my linen / bathroom closets. They start out looking like your photo and then end up a disaster. Kudos to you for keeping your area neat and tidy at all times!

    • Here’s the thing – I just organized and I totally expect that in a few weeks it will be a mess again. Organizing is something you have to keep doing. Unfortunately it’s like all other housework – it’s like stringing beads on a string with no knot at the end! :) Good luck!

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