Developing a Gratitude Practice


It’s funny how things work out.  I had a draft of this post.  Two days ago my cousin started posting on Facebook about thankfulness.  Each day of November she plans to post about something she is thankful for.  Also, the Thanksgiving holiday falls at the end of the month.

I make an effort to be grateful for many reasons.  Because I should.  Because I am grateful.  Because being grateful makes me feel good.

One of the ways I practice gratitude is by thanking others for things they have done for me.  Today I was in the Memphis airport and bought a salad.  It was so good, I almost left my seat at my gate and walked back to the restaurant to thank the person who made it for me.

I always keep a supply of thank you cards at the ready.  Take the time to tell the person you appreciated what they did.  Mention specifically what they did.  Tell them how you are using the gift or what their deed meant to you and why.  I don’t think you can thank people too much.  No good deed is too small to thank someone.  Although it can be hard to be thanked, people appreciate being thanked.  I know I do.

Try to have a spirit of gratitude for things big and small. Thank others for what they have done for you.  Appreciate!

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