I said blogroll not cinnamon roll!

Source: myrecipes.com via Gret on Pinterest


Just like cinnamon rolls, your blogroll should not be too big to eat.  Overly long blogrolls are intimidating and tiresome.  I would like to keep my blogroll to 10 blogs but that is difficult.  At the moment I have 13.  The number of blogs, and what I choose to feature, changes from time to time.  It’s a fluid process, like life.

My blogroll is a combination of blogs I like, blogs I think you might like, and blogs that are on subjects of interest to me.  It’s not just blogs I follow.  Sometimes I use my blogroll for myself.  For example, there may be a blog that I can’t easily follow (it’s not on WordPress or Facebook).  So I put it on my blogroll for easy access.   I try to update my blogroll from time to time.  My tastes change.  Blogs die.  😦  I hope you will a moment to check out the blogs that look interesting to you and in doing so maybe fin a new blog friend or two.  🙂

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