Giving books wings


I am not a collector of books.  I am a giver away of books. Sure, there are a few I keep: the odd poetry book, reference books, books of art and craft, bibles and prayer books, language books. I love cookbooks. But what I read most are novels and I don’t often reread novels. Novels have wings. They are meant to fly and soar. While I’m reading a book I’m always thinking of who I know that might like it. When I finish it I give it away and I don’t want it back. In that way books travel and soar and I like to be a part of that.


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  1. You are right: libraries should keep books, but we should share them with friends. I like the photo you have uploaded: balconies are wonderful places to enjoy flowers and read books. After reading, your book should indeed fly off and find a new admirer.

      • I’m an early bird, but you might mistake where I am. We just moved from Belgium to the Netherlands. Yesterday we saw at the News how Australia or New Zealand enjoyed a total sun eclipse and I wished to be there. Where are you?

      • I’ve been scheduling posts for the 5 am hour lately. I’m in the Washington, DC area. Many likes are coming in early in the morning and I had a feeling some of them were from different time zones.
        Yes, it would have been nice to see the eclipse. Have a good one!

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