Reducing sugar when baking

Are you a sugar fiend like me?  If so, you might want to decrease the sugar content of your baked goods.  Here are a few things you can do:

1. Add natural sweetness by using equal amounts of pureed naturals such as ripe bananas, applesauce or pureed baby-food fruits.

2. Mix less. Higher amounts of sugar allow for a more tender product, so avoid over mixing when sugar is reduced.

3. I try halving the sugar called for in a recipe.  Start there and maybe even decrease more next time.

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  1. I always reduce sugar when I am baking – I don’t like anything that is too sweet. The secret is not to tell the people you are feeding it – it’s all in your head. If you THINK there’s less sugar then you are going to think it’s not sweet enough. No one ever complains that my cakes are not sweet enough 🙂

    • That’s really smart about your don’t ask don’t tell policy. Sometimes I am too much a big mouth. “Does anyone want some healthy cookies?” No more of that! 🙂

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