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The Alphabet of Our Love Book

I made a book for my husband for Valentine’s Day.  Luckily he doesn’t read this blog.  🙂

I started out with this idea I found on Pinterest.


I decided to make it in a photo book format even though I wasn’t going to use many photos.  I made one on Shutterfly.  If you’d like to see it, please do!


Click here to view this photo book larger

Giving books wings


I am not a collector of books.  I am a giver away of books. Sure, there are a few I keep: the odd poetry book, reference books, books of art and craft, bibles and prayer books, language books. I love cookbooks. But what I read most are novels and I don’t often reread novels. Novels have wings. They are meant to fly and soar. While I’m reading a book I’m always thinking of who I know that might like it. When I finish it I give it away and I don’t want it back. In that way books travel and soar and I like to be a part of that.


Staying motivated to write a children’s book

I’ve thought a lot about children’s books lately.  I wrote one last year. It’s about pies.  The themes are girls, friendship, cultural diversity, baking, and fun.  When I wrote the book I had planned to illustrate it myself.   I tried but was not happy with the pictures.  So the project has hung out on the shelf so to speak.  I am anxious to pull it out again and edit it and start looking for a publisher.  But, I’ve been procrastinating.

A friend has written an excellent children’s book about a dinosaur.  I love it.  She found an illustrator and the pictures are gorgeous.  I am so happy for her.  A work colleague has also written a couple of children’s books reminiscent of Dr. Seuss.  Very fun to read, indeed.  🙂 

It’s inspiring to be surrounded by all this kid book creativity.  I hope it will encourage me to keep working on mine and not give up.  Creative ideas need nurturing, feeding or they will die of malnourishment.  The hard part is keeping up the energy of the project when you feel discouraged.  I’ve read that discouragement is Satan’s most powerful tool.  I believe it!

The key to combating discouragement is having faith and having fun.  I need to believe in my project, pray for my project and have fun with it. 

How do you keep yourself motivated?  

Four children reading the book How the Grinch ...

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