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Not being the first person to run to the kitchen when sweets are put out


I work in an office where people are always sharing food.  People bring in cakes.  They put out muffins, scones, and croissants, like there ain’t no tomorrow.  It’s hard n a girl who likes to eat.

I’m trying to avoid the kitchen area but it takes much strength.

And when I get an email saying “Goodies in the kitchen!” I’m trying not run the 100 yard dash getting over there.

Sweets, I will resist you!


Me vs. Cake

Being thin is a choice. Maybe it isn't for everyone. Some people seem to be born 
thin. For me to get thin, it will be a choice. It means time after time making 
the choice to say no to cake. And cookies.  And brownies. And ice cream. And 
fudge. I think you get the picture.  :) 

Ode to a Twinkie



Sweetness and the lightest and meltiest of cake

as if your grains were beaten by a million rocks

smooth and silky on my tongue

your cream filling so soft and whipped

my mouth doesn’t know where cake begins and filling ends

a perfect taste

not too sweet


it has been years since I have eaten you

you were too artificial, too indestructible for my organic and healthy tastes

but upon learning that you would exist no more

I had another and expected not to like you much

I was wrong

golden creaminess


My Birthday Party – Young At Heart

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend.  It was a very small gathering.  I had a Hello Kitty  theme.  Yes, I am 49 years old.  Call me forever young and quirky but I like Hello Kitty and that’s what I wanted.

I baked my birthday cake.  It was a recipe from CakeSpy that I found on Serious Eats.  It turned out so well.

It was the best cake I’ve ever baked and I owe it all to the recipe!  Yum.  I think everyone liked it.  I had a few friends at the party.

My husband and I were there, of course.

And my poor Mother who was horrified that I was 49 having a Hello Kitty party!  LOL

We tried to light 49 candles but it took too long and we gave up less than halfway through.  😦

It was a great party, and exactly what I wanted!  🙂


Source: cakespy.com via Estela on Pinterest


Cakespy is one of my favorite blogs.  It is whimsical, colorful, artistic and all about sweets and fun things.  If you don’t want to smile, please never visit Cakespy.  🙂

German Chocolate Cake

What did you do for Father’s Day?  🙂